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“Are you ready to take the first step towards a wonderful life and create a lifestyle that gives you wings?”

FREE 30min Discovery Session.

This session is perfect for you if:

  • You are feeling stuck and unsure how to make a change
  • It feels like there is something holding you back from getting clarity and focus
  • you are ready to get started but not sure where or how?

During this empowering session you will:

  • get clarity on what the next best step for you
  • discover WHY it is important for you
  • refocus and find motivation to take action

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You'll be guided through a structured process to get you where you want to go.

  • Clarify your goals, direction and purpose
  • Clear away limiting beliefs & negative emotions
  • Understand your own psychology, self talk and use it to achieve peak performance in the area of life you want to improve
  • Design a clear action path
  • Confidentially discuss issues that are affecting you in a nonjudgmental environment
  • Have someone on your side who will believe in you until you can believe in yourself



This Results-based Wellness Coaching Program Has Been Specifically Designed For Women To:

  • Kickstart Your Health By Knocking Out Top 3 Bad Habits & Replacing Them With New Healthy Long Term Solution.
  • Help You Discover Your Biggest Emotional Roadblocks Which Have Been Stopping You From Achieving Your Best Health.
  • Help You Build a Failure-Proof Acton Plan with Daily Steps to ensure Your Success In Achieving Your Goals.
  • Provide Confidential, Non-Judgemental & Supportive Environment To Turn Your Life Around! TALK FREELY With Licensed Coach.

I understand I am getting:

  • 1x 1:1 Breakthrough Wellness Coaching Session with Ela via Skype or Phone/Video Call.
  • 3 x Follow Up Sessions.
  • Individual Step-By-Step Action Plan Tailored To Your Needs (Including Ideal Wellness Vision Building, Daily and Weekly Steps.
  • Weekly Assessment of Your Progress To Keep You On Track.


Transform Your Life With This Revolutionary Coaching Program And Live Life To The Fullest!

You Will Be Guided Through:

  • Retraining Your Mindset And Creating Behavioural Changes So You Can Replace All Bad Habits With Healthy Long Term Solutions. Clear Your Life From Messy Practises!
  • Regaining Motivation, Self-belief And Confidence To Reach Your Maximum Potential in Health. It's Time You Start Feeling UNSTOPPABLE!
  • Gaining Knowledge and Having Tools Used to Coach Your Brain To Success In Your Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Goals. It’s An Overall Life Transformation.

I understand I am getting:

  • 1 x weekly “Unleash Your Superpowers” Webinar (8 x in total)
  • 1:1 Breakthrough Wellness Coaching Session
  • Individual Step-By-Step Action Plan Tailored To Your Needs (Including Ideal Wellness Vision Building, Daily and Weekly Steps)
  • Weekly Assessment of Your Progress To Keep You On Track
  • Exclusive Access to Private Facebook Group where you:

LEARN EVERY DAY: get daily motivational tips on mindset, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, stress management, success & rest. See Our Daily Hashtags Below:
BRAINSTORM: have an opportunity to ask questions & get answers daily
CONTINUE TO GROW: get ongoing support necessary for you to succeed
BUILD YOUR TRIBE: join other women who share similar journey. We are all in it together!

MODULE 1 (Become a Mindset Master)

  • Create an ideal vision of your NEW healthy YOU
  • Learn How our brain responds to our thoughts, and how to control it
  • Learn How to choose our thoughts and what effects our thoughts have on us
  • Find YOUR PURPOSE to create meaningful life & learn how to create eternal sources of energy

MODULE 2 (Become a Food Lover)

  • Find out How to make friends with your food to reshape your body forever
  • Learn How to eat so you never feel like you are on a diet ever again
  • Find out reasons WHY some foods don’t “seat well on your stomach"
  • Finish the emotional eating battle once and forever
  • Learn where food cravings come from, and how to deal with them as a woman

MODULE 3 (Become a Gold Medallist in your Favourite Physical Activity)

  • Learn The important benefits of physical activity beyond weight loss that will make you want to move and groove
  • How to make exercise work for you rather than work hard to exercise
  • Learn How to STOP thinking that exercise hurts
  • How to start loving physical activities so they become unbreakable part of your lifestyle
  • Learn most common reasons why people stop exercising so you can create a life long lasting solutions for yourself

MODULE 4 (Become a Peace Guru)

  • Discover Crucial Importance of REST, SILENCE and “YOU” TIME
  • Learn about burnout, long term dangerous effects of fatigue and how to recognise the symptoms.
  • Find out methods to relax and recharge to prevent chronic sickness
  • Create strategies on how to create balance in your lifestyle so you can keep thriving like a superhero

MODULE 5 (Build Your New Identity)

  • Learn how you can retrain your subconscious mind to achieve anything you dream about
  • Self talk = Self believe! Learn the power of spoken words
  • Discover the secret behind other peoples’ complete life transformations
  • Start believing your dreams so you don’t have to force changes in your life ever again

MODULE 6 (Become A Product Of Your Consciousness)

  • Learn why “one becomes a product of their environment”
  • Accept the past and learn gratitude to move forward
  • Learn WHY negative emotions and negative feelings STOP you from natural progress and success
  • How to bring closure to all that does not serve its purpose anymore in your life

MODULE 7 (Build Your Shelter, Build Your Tribe)

  • Learn ways to create your oasis at home
  • Learn No 1 Reason why you must have your woman cave and how to build it
  • Learn the importance of having a fulfilling purpose like work or hobby
  • Discover Top 3 Limiters in Woman’s Life
  • Find out how people around you contribute to your success or failure

MODULE 8 (You Are Unstoppable Girl!)

  • Recognise and embrace the change in you
  • Create your own unique ways to celebrate successes in order to be successful
  • Learn how to stay on track with your dreams and success

What Results Can You Expect?

  • Gain Confidence in You as a Woman, In Your Skills & Unique Superpowers! Oh Yes, We All Have them!
  • Find YOUR PURPOSE & Learn How To Create Meaningful Life
  • Reshape Your Body & Learn Techniques How To Always Stay In Shape
  • Knock Out Bad Habits & Implement New Healthy Habits
  • Overcome Toxic Obstacles Once and Forever!
  • Learn How to Recharge Your Energy Daily So you Never BurnOut, never Feel Exhausted Again and Create More Balance In Life
  • Feeling Happy! Smiling More! Enjoying Life and Feeling On Top Of The World!
  • Being More Productive & More Successful While Having More Time For Yourself

Life Gets Easier When You Get Continuous Guidance Based On 7 Years Of Experience In Transformative Coaching

“Shine Bright Like A Diamond!!”


"I believe in the transformation my system provides for all busy women seeking lifestyle change . So much so that I personally guarantee you have a FULL 30 days to experience the system yourself and start building your new wellbeing. If you are not satisfied or the 8 week Complete Wellness Transformation Program has not met your expectations after presenting the results you have produced within first 30 days of coaching system, I will happily return ALL your money.""


  • You are ready to allow yourself to work with someone who is 100% invested in your success, and will work with you until you get where you want to be and never give up on you - PROMISE!
  • You are sick of having no energy & feeling unwell
  • You just can’t seem to find balance in life
  • You are too stressed to cope with everyday routine, or struggle to be happy again
  • You catch yourself being negative and talk yourself down
  • You haven’t felt great about your own body in a long time because diet and exercise just don’t work
  • You are fed up with those favourite pair of jeans or dress because they don’t fit anymore!
  • The true is, you have low self-esteem level and low confidence or lost trust in success
  • Are not feeling feminine, sexy and strong but you know that this is a natural state of mind for a woman to be at


  • You are NOT READY to build your new healthy identity
  • You are NOT READY to work on your mindset
  • You DON’T admit that in the past things didn’t go the way you planned and so there are some things you need help with right now
  • Gave up on yourself and decided to never make a change in your lifestyle again