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Ela Staniak - Feminine Leadership Coach

You can't break through the glass ceiling

Do you experience continuous resistance, feeling frustrated or stuck without clarity on how to achieve the next milestone whether it is in your career/business, finances, intimate relationship or wellbeing? Are being overlooked, unsupported, struggle to find your voice, get promoted over, allow disrespect from the male fraternity? Until you address what’s impacted you in the past you will never achieve the heights of what it is you are standing for!

tell me if you are feeling...

In the last 15 years of working with high calibre female leaders internationally I witnessed time and time again powerful women capable of achieving incredible potential struggle to achieve the next level of evolution personally and professionally.

Disconnected, "at full capacity" or "out of alignment"

There is a distinct difference between DOING leadership vs. BEING leadership. You are human BEING and not human DOING. When you are connected, you are full of life energy, in a heightened state of awareness, incredibly receptive to receiving insight and assessing your environment. Once you are in alignment you become powerful beyond limitations. When you are guided by your intuition and connected to your feminine essence anxiety, overwhelm and busyness disappear. 

You have neglected your own needs or values while pursuing your career

Many women tend to be professional saboteurs when it comes to putting their needs first. They support EVERYONE else but sadly do not support themselves to the same degree. Until you put the oxygen mask on yourself first and address the self debilitating beliefs that are sabotaging your potential nothing will change. You teach people on how to treat you, so if the standard of how you are treated is not of the standard you deserve you and only you can change this dynamic!

Act as a catalyst for enhanced vertical (consciousness) & horizontal (skills and capabilities) behavioural change in female leadership development across all areas of one's life personally and professionally. The partnerships are custom designed to experience unprecedented results based on the integration of all facets of one’s identity: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual all to cater for your specific needs. Nothing is off limits! Are you ready to develop unknown potential, disrupt current operating paradigms, redefine what it means to be successful so you can live your life on your terms?

Feminine Leadership Coaching Programs - A fine tuned combination of modalities of Executive Leadership Education, High Performance Coaching & Intuitive Hypnotherapy 

it doesn't have to be like thIS

Sitting in the driver’s seat of your life and career!

Leading with intuition while experiencing freedom, ease, satisfaction and peace.

Embodying a high level of self-respect by embracing your unique feminine leadership!

to thriving by doing this...

Not being able to break through the glass ceiling.

Feeling disconnected, ‘at full capacity’ or ‘out of alignment’.

Neglecting your own needs or values while pursuing your career...

just imagine going from...

AWAKEN your true essence, CHAMPION your greatness and SUCCEED beyond imagining to Lead & Live

are you ready to..


" Ela is one of the most divine coaches I've ever worked with. She has a way of drawing together her years of practice and wisdom and delivering just the right amount of coaching and problem-solving to get you to that next level in your life and in your business. Ela gets results! This leads to a feeling that you are being lifted higher rather than being coached. Partner with Ela and ensure your professional and personal success!"

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12 Key steps for Feminine Leaders to lead & Live the ultimate life!



awaken your essence
champion your greatness and
succeed beyond imagining!

Do you know what it means to own your presence? You will develop a strong sense of true certainty and confidence to co-exist with resistance, resolve conflict, conduct difficult conversations in a productive manner. Bye bye imposter syndrome!

Master your
‘Inner Game’


You will awaken your fighting spirit! You will develop courage, adaptability, passion, purpose and intuition to learn to operate in a co-creative fashion in a state of flow, in a slipstream, in a vortex. 

Reclaim ‘Your Moxie’


Feminine Leadership Coaching is not for the faint hearted but is designed for those women who are 100% COMMITTED to experiencing RESULTS to unprecedented levels. It’s a journey worth taking!

Personal & Professional Results Beyond Imagining


Let's TALK! Here's what you can expect!

Feeling like ‘you cannot have it all’ is outdated, it no longer applies! You will LEARN to live and lead your life ‘in alignment’ to access flow, the zone, the slipstream, the vortex! You will learn that your life is a 3D blueprint of your beliefs, conscious and unconscious. Imagine a life where your past is not in your future and that is solely a function of shifting your self debilitating beliefs that no longer serve you. You will learn and experience an unbreakable bond, the one which reflects a complete connection to yourself, your environment and your desired outcomes. Shifting from DOING leadership to BEING leadership will fast-track your results.

Tolerating not experiencing ‘extraordinary’ in the context of career, relationships and wellbeing. 

Ready for a change?

Having had the privilege for 15 years to work with high calibre female leaders internationally in broad range of industries from government, technology, media, real estate to athletes, millionaires, entrepreneurs specialising in vertical (consciousness) & horizontal (skills and capabilities) behavioural change in leadership development I witnessed time and time again powerful women capable of achieving incredible potential struggle to achieve the next level of evolution personally and professionally.

My passion is to empower women to champion their ‘inner game’, reclaim their moxie and feminine leadership qualities to break through the perception of the ‘glass ceiling’ and “have it all” with ease and grace and never at a detriment to their values or boundaries. Some costs are just too high to pay!

I'm Ela

Hi there!

Feminine Leadership Coach & Professional Keynote Speaker here to champion your next level of trajectory!

It is still surreal to me that a girl from the south of Poland who lost her parents as a teenager, found her new home in Sydney, Australia and over the years landed coverage in hundreds of print and broadcast outlets around the world including her 2020 TED Talk "Diversity & Inclusion are logically impossible”.

You are tired of not being VALUED equally to your work colleagues, love partners and family members. You are ready to earn your worth and teach people how to treat you with respect!

You are tired of feeling UNSUPPORTED to the degree they deserve. You are ready to indulge in your birthright to LOVE, to be LOVED and to BELONG! Life is more fun with friends!

You are ready to Lead & Live THE ULTIMATE LIFE!

You are tired of being overlooked and UNSEEN in the workplace and at home?

You are ready to be 

 for your contributions the way you deserve!



This program changed my life! My confidence went from “zero to hero”! I redesigned my business model and signed our first $150,000 contract with a client, followed by another 100,000 contract. We are on track to 7 figures! I hired 10 new staff members. I lost 12 kg of body weight effortlessly without a crazy diet or exercise. I developed a new depth of connection to my husband and my children, all while having the lifestyle I love!

What  My Clients Say

As Seen In

I strive for providing clients with the experience of excellence and satisfaction. If you withdraw from your coaching partnership within the first 30 days for any reason, I will personally issue you a full refund of investment. 

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

there's no risk

 Believe that you are not enough in any realm ie not worthy, not significant, not lovable, not capable, not beautiful, not powerful enough.

Believe that your lack of results is caused by external factors ie.unhappy relationship/ lack of relationship, lack of support, lack of time, economy changes, politics, weather or else.

Want to continue deny your potential, talents, destiny and power.

To experience next level of evolution and achieve results beyond imagining in all key areas of your life: career, relationships & wellbeing.

To become a powerful creator of your reality guided by your intuition and living in FLOW state/ slipstream/ vortex.

To have clarity and live in alignment with your passion, purpose, direction and values.

This is not for you if... 

This is for you if you are... 

Ela offers a complimentary ‘Feminine Leadership Discovery Session’ to assess whether this program is a suitable program for you, and to assess your level of readiness. Ela only works with clients fully committed to their results. Ela offers a 30-day Full Money Back Guarantee.

How do I know if this program is right for me?

Ela has worked with clients at all levels of leadership internationally and understands that some clients prefer not to disclose their coaching relationship. All information is confidential including clients’ names. Those clients who choose to provide testimonials do so willingly.

Is this program confidential?

All coaching sessions are conducted on zoom and booked and forecasted at the time and day convenient to you within a mutual agreement. Ela navigates all time zones in a way that suits clients’ schedules and lifestyle.

Can I work with Ela living overseas?

Have Questions? I've got answers.

In 3 decades in the leadership space I get the privilege to meet many leading edge thought leaders who are making a profound difference with the human condition & Ela is a complete ‘standout’ - her determination, drive, passion, enthusiasm dedication to her calling to transcend limiting beliefs & co-create an exceptional life personally & professionally is beyond commendable! Given her age to have achieved what we had is a credit to her & she is without a doubt one to watch! 

- Sally Anderson - Leadership Coach to The Influencers

Advocate. Mentor. Educator. Ambassador. Entrepreneur. Leader. Innovator. Influencer. Champion. These words do not encapsulate Ela Staniak’s impact on those with whom she comes into contact. She is a powerhouse that honors each person by presenting a safe space for others to share.

- Dr. Laura Cobb - International Speaker | Professional Counsellor

I absolutely love the inspiring energetic support of this unstoppable woman! Ela made me realise what it was I wanted to do, and what is most important to me, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before. This led to a complete change in life and attitude. I fully believe my goals are reachable! My confidence has never been higher.

- Kelli Carr - BMW Group Brisbane

If you are ready for your next level of trajectory personally and professionally to Lead and Live 'THE ULTIMATE LIFE' then say YES to yourself and give yourself permission to be guided, supported and understood the way you deserve! Your legacy is in your hands!

Awaken your Essence, Champion your Greatness, Succeed Beyond Imagining!

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90 day Feminine Leaders Empowerment Group Coaching Program


Private 1:1 Corporate Feminine Leadership Training Workshop


Private 1:1 Feminine Leadership Coaching Partnership 6 & 12 months

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Professional Keynote Speaking

You will learn and experience an unbreakable bond, the one which reflects a complete connection to yourself, your environment and your desired outcomes. Shifting from DOING leadership to BEING leadership will fast-track your results


You will learn that your life is a 3D blueprint of your beliefs, conscious and unconscious. Imagine a life where your past in not in your future and that is solely a function of shifting your self debilitating beliefs that no longer serve you


You will LEARN to live and lead your life ‘in alignment’ to access flow, the zone, the slipstream, the vortex! All of conflict is a function of being ‘out of alignment’


Feminine Leadership Methodology to Lead and Live The Ultimate Life.

You will learn how to experience sustained exponential results as a function of living and leading a committed life! You will learn to transform your relationship to what it means to be ‘committed.’


You will learn how to be a 10/10 high performer personally and professionally. Who you are in your personal life has a huge impact on your professional life. We will review your life holistically to ensure that you are operating at your optimum.

You will learn how as a function of who YOU are being to transform every relationship you have in your life personally and professionally. What becomes acceptable becomes inevitable.

You will learn how to define, live and lead as a high performing leader achieving milestones beyond imagination. Whatever has been elusive before now will be exceeded to stratospheric levels.

Fundamental #1

The fundamentals of The Ultimate Life

You will discover, connect to and embrace what you were truly born to achieve in your lifetime from a place of deep knowing and certainty.


You will learn how to make a significant difference in areas of your life that are important to you personally and professionally. The level of impact that is possible when one is in alignment is life altering.

You will learn with crystal clear clarity to determine the direction of your life. For a boat to reach a destination one needs to charter it in a particular direction. We will powerfully partner you in learning HOW to transition from your current experience to experience the ultimate!

You will learn how to live a life where you experience a sense of satisfaction never experienced before. As you shift EVERYTHING shifts.

Fundamental #2

You will learn to maximise heightened levels of performance through evolving your consciousness. Sustained exemplary performance is a function of mastering the ones mindset.


You will learn to dream again and make them happen with assured certainty, resilience, grit, and commitment.

You will learn to work SMART not hard and stand for being highly productive in all areas of your life as your new norm.

You will learn how to live in alignment with your values. A value driven life guarantees a sense of freedom/peace one cannot put a dollar value on.

Fundamental #3